MILLIONS Episode 2 on Kollide TV

Episode 2 of MILLIONS is now live on Kollide TV! The group reels in their loss. Conflict begins to brew in the group as blame gets thrown around for Eddie’s passing. All of the turmoil of late forces Brandon to make a decision about his job and his life moving forward. Catch it here!

Episode 2

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MILLIONS Episode 1, Part 2 on Kollide TV

Episode 1, Part 2 of MILLIONS is now live on Kollide TV! Unbeknownst to his friends, Brandon works as a busboy at one of Ron’s nightclubs. He’s not sure whether he can stand the torture of working day and night at jobs he hates. At the same time, he must contend with the drama of being in between, Jay and Lia. Brandon’s torn between the two, knowing Jay just wants to have fun with girls, while Lia thinks they’re in a relationship. Meanwhile, the rest of the group arranges to meet for dinner later that night to celebrate Eddie’s new job. But shockingly, the night ends in tragedy. Catch it here!

Episode 1, Part 2

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MILLIONS Episode 1, Part 1 on Kollide TV

MILLIONS has officially made its debut on Kollide TV. Brandon struggles with the tedium of rude customers and the antics of his friend, Jay, at his call center job. Lia pays a visit to bring them both lunch but really only wants to see Jay, who she’s dating. Meanwhile Brandon’s friends manage their own struggles. Charlie works monotonously as a janitor, Deron can’t make ends meet as a DJ at his older brother, Ron’s nightclub, and Mary can’t get her dance routine right for an upcoming dance competition. On his lunch break, Brandon can’t help but let his envy for his best friend, Eddie, get the better of him. Later that night, a drug dealer, Ozzy, makes a deal arranged by Deron. Catch Episode 1, Part 1 now here! Thanks to Lateef and crew for putting us on!

Episode 1, Part 1

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MILLIONS Premieres on Kollide TV FEB 6!

Hey all, I know it’s been awhile, but I have a quick update. MILLIONS will be making its debut on Kollide TV, Friday, February 6th. Kollide is a New York City based video platform dedicated to developing, delivering, discovering & distributing videos with a multicultural perspective across the digital landscape.

Kollide TV: Where Content Meets Culture

There are other amazing series on the platform so we highly recommend you check them all out. Henry is one of our personal favourites. We’re extremely excited to be a part of the network, as we believe in what they do and the type of content they stand for. So please support Kollide and watch MILLIONS one more time if you haven’t already!

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As promised, here’s a special video message now that we have officially finished Season 1 of MILLIONS… Stay tuned!

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