MILLIONS Film Festival Update 1

Hey all, I finally make a return! Hope you’ve all been enjoying the summer. I unfortunately have only been able to enjoy the sun sporadically as I’ve been holed up for much of the summer furiously working on post-production of the series. We’re very close to the finish line, but I do have a couple announcements to make. As I mentioned in earlier posts, the series will be hitting the film festival circuit first, before hitting the web. So the first couple festivals (that will be screening approximately the first episode of the series) are: the Marseille Web Festival in Marseille, France, between October 3rd and 5th and the New York Television Festival in New York City between October 21st and 26th. We’ll be in attendance for both festivals. We’re extremely excited about it. If you’ll be in those cities between those dates, please do look for us, as you won’t be able to catch it anywhere else! A list of more festivals are to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. avatar marie says:

    Great start with Marseille!

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